Not The Best News

Not The Best News

I just wanted to share this post as a request for prayers. I apologize in advance that this post won’t be as much of a masterpiece as prior have been. It’s more of an update and request for prayers.

We went back to Houston on 5/6, and my PET scan showed that I had cancer progression, which meant that I needed to drop out of the clinical trial. The cancer went to multiple new areas. It progressed in the lung nodules, liver and skeleton, and it is now in my left breast and left axillary node, left soft tissue protuberance on my left temple, and in some areas surrounding my mouth.

The most concerning part of all this is that we have no game plan that we can currently act on to keep the cancer under control. I can’t do chemotherapy right now because the trial drug (BET inhibitor) makes your platelets very low, which it did with mine, and my platelets are taking a while to recover. I can’t start another targeted therapy because there are no other open trials, and insurance will not approve anything for this orphan cancer. We are trying to obtain any of four drugs that are either investigational or approved for other conditions via “compassionate use”. All of these agents have demonstrated some form of efficacy acting on this cancer, but the waiting periods for getting these drugs through compassionate use is so variable after applying. We applied for some of these compassionate care drugs over 3 weeks ago, but we are still waiting.

But through all this, I can’t help but think that this is the hour God steps in and says “now you will see how powerful I am and how I will completely eradicate this cancer,” no medicine confounders or anything. When there is seemingly no hope, maybe this is the n-th hour when God steps up and does miracles in the supernatural way. Up until now we have been praying for suPRAnatural healing where God heals through the doctors and medicine, but maybe now it’s time for God to reveal His suPERnatural healing where it’s Him and Him alone that takes the cancer all away. So friends, would you please pray with us that the suPERnatural healing would be something that God would grant through His Son Jesus Christ who bore all our sins.

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  • Praying daily for the Holy Spirit to heal you completely! Also put another prayer request in this morning at church for our prayer team to continue to pray for your healing. Love you! Aunt Deby

  • Lord, be near with Grace and Ashton in their time of weakness and pain. Please reveal yourself and use your creative and loving hands. Please binds up her wounds. Let it be done in your glory, Lord. Amen.

  • Grace:
    No words can express my sorrow. You are an incredibly strong beautiful woman who has overcome so much. I continue to send my prayers – comfort – faith – strength and love. ?

  • Our prayers have not stopped, personal and at church, prayer warriors are praying and God is in control, He will show and reveal to us His mighty power very soon IJN.Stay strong, prayerful with strong faith.

    The Odubela family

  • Grace, precious child of god, my prayers for you and those around you on this journey to give you strength. Through him, all is possible.

  • You are in all our our prayers every day and on the prayer roll at one of our temples. I will put in more temples.

    All healing comes through Christ. I admire your great faith in His healing power. I would be happy to help with energy work if you are willing, all done with faith in our Savior. Let me know if you are interested. Love to you and Ashton❤️

  • Praying for you every single day! Know that we are standing with you and beside you! Love you guys so much! God bless you and your marriage!

  • Grace and Ashton-

    Our hearts are so heavy reading this. But no despite how heavy our (everyone’s) heart might become from sadness and discouragement, God will never abandon. Thankfully, he is so much more faithful than we are. Don’t give up! We are going to remember his mercy and power, too, and count on his works. We love you John 8:31

  • You are such a strong person Grace! I kno He will show you just how strong you can be. Our prayers & wishes are with you!

  • Have you tried a drink called: Flora Flor-Essence? You can get at a health food store. A family member had leukemia in his 70’s, and an in-law suggested it. After several months he was in remission. I pray for you often. I’m going to text your father-in-law David, to go and buy this for you. Drink in the evenings. My own father drank it for years after he was diagnosed with bone cancer.
    Please know there are many of us praying.

  • Continuing to pray and think about you and your family, may He give you peace and strength

  • We love you, Grace. You are in our prayers every single day. Sending you all of our love, hope, strength, and healing. xo

  • Grace, you are such a light in this world! Nate and I are sending prayers. Love and miss you.

  • Grace, wishing you the best during these trying times. You are always in our thoughts. We have high hopes for you!

  • I pray for your pain to go away or lessen! You are both in my thoughts daily. I love you and Ashton and pray to see you both again. It was such a nice visit at Christmas. ??❤️ Love Karen

  • Your courage is inspirational. Your faith encourages hope. The love you and your husband exemplify is a model to us all. May God’s grace be with you.

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