Thankful this holiday season

Thankful this holiday season

There is much to be thankful for this holiday season. Grace continues to improve on her current treatment plan. About two weeks ago on 11/13/18 and 11/14/18, Grace underwent another set of scans, which demonstrate significant improvement (see pictures below). Symptomatically, chemo weeks take a major toll on her both physically and emotionally. Grace has major discomfort and pain with fatigue and no appetite. Emotionally, this has been rough for both of us. However, when it is not a chemo week, she is physically doing very well, and can hike almost 8 miles without any pain or shortness of breath. This is a significant improvement. Prior to undergoing initial treatment in August, she could barely climb a flight of stairs.

From a treatment perspective, we still have much uncertainty. Since her initial 4 cycles of chemotherapy/immunotherapy yielded such significant improvement on the scans, our team made the decision to continue chemotherapy/immunotherapy through 6 total cycles and re-asses with CT and PET/CT scans at the end of December. So, she has one more cycle of chemo left. At this point we will decide between maintenance Keytruda immunotherapy infusions versus enrolling in a clinical trial, but could also bring surgery or radiation to the discussion. Given the aggressiveness of this cancer, our oncologists are thinking outside the box. Historically this cancer has only been transiently responsive to chemo, and there are limited case reports. Our oncologist tells us that most NUT patients stop responding to chemo after 2 cycles, and Grace is also the first patient to receive combination chemotherapy/immunotherapy as initial treatment, so she has done very well.

Next week we will be traveling to Boston to meet with the leading pathologist and oncologist for NUT, and will also see a thoracic surgeon to discuss if surgery will ever be a feasible option.

We are optimistic that Grace will continue to improve. God has blessed us with an amazing group of family and friends. Thank you all for your support and prayer.

Facts about NUT Midline Carcinoma

Post cycle 4 scans





15 thoughts on “Thankful this holiday season”

  • We are praying for God’s continued hand on Grace. Praise God for the good news. We love you guys so much!! Praying for continued strength and guidance in the next steps.
    Love Lucas and Carly

  • What awesome news! Praying daily for Grace’s continued healing. I know GOD is hearing all our prayers! Love you both!

  • What wonderful news! I’m so thankful Grace is in good hands and there are improvements! Our hope, our prayers, and our positive thoughts will continue.
    We love you!

  • So pleased to hear of Grace’s continued progress! Walt and I hold thoughts and prayers for you both close in heart.

  • So happy to hear that Grace is continuing to improve, the recent scans show so much improvement, it’s incredible. Continuing to pray for you both, hope to see you back at work soon 🙂

  • The radiologist in me is astounded by the treatment response. My heart is warmed by the good news and loyalty to one another. Y’all clearly understood this is not a solo venture ❤

  • Praise the Lord! Ashton and Grace, you are in my prayers daily. I also have my mom praying for you and she is a prayer warrior! My Bible study in Redlands is praying, and my moms’ Bible study in Malaysia is praying. Prayers for healing and prayers for comfort as you progress through this difficult journey. ❤️❤️

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